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Spotlight Technique

on October 20, 2012

Sooooooooooo  I have been negligent in my challenges with my friends.  We had a challenge titled, interesting enough, Spotlight Technique. I, however, until a week ago totally forgot about it.  Then it took another week for me to actually come up wth the idea and make the card.

Do not even begin to ask me why I decided to use pastel colors in the fall.  I have no idea.  I tried to make myself go with more fall colors, but the old brain just did not want to.

This is the first time I tried this technique and I liked it.  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I first thought it was going to be.  The difficulty came from deciding which stamp set would work the best.  I decided to use Just Believe, which, believe it or not, had never seen ink.  I love the image.

The paper is Sage Shadow.  (Also went into my box of retired papers)  I inked the stamp with markers of various pastel colors.  For more information on exactly how to do this particular technique, I suggest you visit Splitcoast Stampers.  The tutorial is great. Someone told me Gina K had one as well, but I could not locate it.

Now for a paper story.  Tomorrow we are going to “tag” our Christmas tree at a local Christmas tree farm.  It beats trying to find a tree when it is blistering cold and there is snow on the ground.  The thing is you find your tree while the weather is warmer and mark it in some way so when you go back to cut it down you recognize it.  (They also keep a record of it back at the store.)  Each year I say I am going to do something to make the tree distinctive.  This year I decided I would go into my retired paper box and take out colors, cut them and stape a paper chain.  Well, when I opened the box it was like Christmas.  So many colors I loved and had not seen in such a long time.  I did not know which to choose.  I almost could not bear to cut them up to put on a stupid tree outside.  I mean use paper and actually get rid of it.  THE HORROR!  I choose some of the Bold Bright colors that I didn’t care all that much for (Yellow and that awful bright green), but nothing Christmasy.  Too bad it will still be recognizable and I can say I put some of that paper to good use.

Talk to you later.


One response to “Spotlight Technique

  1. Lisa M. says:

    Your card turned out so pretty, Beverly! Be sure to take a pic of your tree when you go to cut it down…w/ the paper chain on it! LOL

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