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on September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!!

Lots to report.  We are in wedding mode here.  Trying to get the house ready so people do not think we are slobs (or one of the cast of Honey Boo Boo).  We have had several house problems.  It feels like the house is falling down around us and it’s only 12 years old.  First off, we had a leaky pipe.  It seems when my husband put some cabinets up for me in the laundry room and was trying to find a stud, he found the pipe and it felt like a stud.  Water has been dripping from the upstairs shower for like five years!!!  Can you imagine?  We thought it was the washer. lol

Then there was the septic problem.  We have septic here because we live, well because we live in New Hampshire.

Then, the final and worse problem was a window that evidently had been leaking around it since the house was built because they didn’t put flashing around it.  Well there was rotten wood and ANTS.  My husband hates the ANTS.

It’s all fixed now and we have to restore order.  Like that is ever gonna happen here.

This necklace is one of the ones I made on my weekend away.  (I need another one by the way!)  It was made with the pearls I had left from making my mother in law’s, which I will post soon.  I just love it.  It goes with so many things.

I have been wearing my “wedding” shoes around the house to break them in.  THEY HURT SO BAD!  There is no way I can wear them to the wedding.  Therefore, I have been online looking for new ones.  I have ordered two pairs. lol  I pray that at least one of them arrives prior to the wedding.  Anyone ever order from Zappos or DSW?

I have been stalking the Stamp TV site again.  Ms. Gina K suggests you make five Christmas cards per week starting this week and you will have enough and not be stressing out come December 1.  Just throwing that out there.  Oh and she has some really cute stamps she is selling on sale through today.  (They should pay me or give me a discount!)

One more thing…  If you love sunflowers, check out my friend, Mary’s, blog My Stamping Hideaway.  She took some beautiful pictures of a field of them.  She also has lovely cards she makes.

Check back for more adventures of the Honey McGuires!


3 responses to “IT’S BEEN A WHILE

  1. Mary G. says:

    The Honey McGuires…you are too funny! Sorry all those things have been happening…it’s bad enough when it happens but to have it happen now during wedding prep just makes it that much worse! Hoping all is fixed now and nothing more happens…they say things come in 3’s so hopefully that’ll be it! 🙂 Beautiful necklace! Will you be wearing this one for the wedding?? I can’t tell by the pictures- are those larger beads purple? Good luck with the wedding and all the prep! Oh, and thanks for the plug of my blog! Those sunflower fields were amazing!

  2. Lisa M. says:

    What a pretty necklace, Beverly! You make me think I should’ve reconsidered going down the evil path of beading instead of the evil path of golfing! LOL

    Glad you caught the shoe issue before the wedding! And hope everything else goes super smoothly…only 10 more days!!

    Oh, and those sunflower photos were amazing! I’ve seen bluebonnet fields like that in Texas, but never sunflowers…they are so HAPPY!

    Have a great day! 🙂

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