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Vellum Card Challenge

The challenge this time was by Julie and she wanted us to do a card with VELLUM!

So I had vellum that I had not used since… Well I do not know when I purchased it.  I went CASing on SCS and found a card that I thought was lovely.

The person used sticky tape attached to the vellum and applied the glitter on top of that.  Neat idea, huh.

So my card uses Regal Rose card stock and ink.  Vellum, of course.  Dazzling Diamonds Glitter.  It would have been even better had I used pink glitter, but I did not have any.  The stamp set is from Gina K.  Year of Flowers.

It turned out pretty cool.  The picture is not very good.  (Looked better on the camera.  I need a lession in picture taking I guess)

Thanks for looking.  Hope you want to CAS it because, as Lisa said, that is the true form of complement.


Beading Weekend

I have done so many things since we talked last.  Saturday, August 11, I went with my friend, Joan, to her place on Mirror Lake.  We spent three glorious days laughing, beading, swimming, eating and talking.  It was a lovely time and I am extremely grateful to her for opening her home in this beautiful setting to me.

This is one of the necklaces I made while there.  I think it looks great.  I wore it and it did not fall off my neck, which is always a positive for me.  There was a wire poking me, but I can easily fix that.  (Not nearly as embarassing as having the beads to EVERYWHERE).   I actually used many items in my stash and accomplished quite a lot.  The “Wedding Jewelry” has been completed, but I will share that will you another time, closer to the wedding.  do not want to give too much away.

I have made a few cards as well.  One using Vellum for a challenge.  It turned out really nice.  Am only telling you this to tease you to come back.

So I’ll be talking to you again soon.  Must go, the cat is trying to catch the curser.

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Am kind of cheating today.  No made crafts.  Let’s discuss what you are reading.

I have recently read the new Harlan Coban book, Stay Close.  I usually love his books.  Mostly, I like his recurring character, Myran Bolitar.  This was not one of those.

I was going to try the new witches trilogy (Did you think I was going to know the name of it?) I downloaded the sample, but it did not grab me.  So I went with the one everyone is talking about (No not that one!), Gone Girl.  I really love it.  Got me from the first word.  Will let you know how it goes.

For those Hunger Game readers, I did get the second book in the series (on sale).  I will let  you know when I have read it.  Not sure if that will be next or not because there is a new James Patterson book out with that Michael Bennett character and I do like him with all those kids.

Enjoy the rest of summer.  Oh FYI, I did make the favors for the Rehearsal Dinner.  Will post after I take a picture.  They turned out cute!!!

P.S.  I am working out to a new program.  Although my orthopedic told me, the squats were not good for the knees and suggested the eliptical trainer.  Just when I start a program.  Darn!!!  (Don’t ya love excuses given to you by professionals to not exercise?)