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Bride and Groom Gift

This is a blanket I made for my son and his fiance.  It has three of the wedding colors in it.  I thought it would be a nice remembrance for them.  Am giving it to them tomorrow.  Hope they like it.


Craft Room Ditto

I have mentioned I have been redoing my Craft Room and this is one of the results.  My husband (again, the man has been very nice with the crafting addiction) decided he was not going to repair musical instruments any longer (that is what he has done for a career) because now he was the owner of a professional flute company and only wanted to work on “professinal products” (snob) so he gave me his work bench.  The only problem being it was military gray with a counter top piece for the desk.  To update it, I covered it in white contact paper.  I think it came out kind of nice.  Better then gray at any rate.  I had the shelves above and recently purchased some cubes at Michael’s to hold all my stuff so it all looks so nice (for now)

I again categorized the stamp sets on the shelves and again flowers dominate everything else.  Oh well, I must love the flowers.

In closing, I must say I am happy with the craft room and I just wish it were easier to post pictures to my blog (or I was way smarter about it)

Have a great weekend!


Craft Room

Several days ago on FaceBook, I was talking to some of my friends about stamp set storage and how they organize their stamps.

This is a shelving unit my husband made for me when I first started stamping.  There is room in the center for stamp sets and the outside spaces are for inks.  I have kind of outgrown the inks because of all the InColors Stampin Up has come up with.

I did recently categorize the sets into flowers, Christmas, etc.  Hopefully I will put them back in these categories when I am finished with them. lol  I did notice I have quite a few flower sets.  More then anything else.  Christmas was a close second.

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Hello Anyone Out There

Hey everyone!  Been a while. I have no crafts to post today. Just thought I would check in and let you know what I have been doing

So I have been doing a little re-decorating in my Craft Room. Almost there and I must say it looks pretty good. I have a lot more room, organization and it looks fancier. LolI I have found sketches and techniques I have saved. Now I intend to use them. Also I have more of my Big Shot stuff in one place so that is more helpful and creative. Now I always knew I had a thing for punches, but I must say I need help with the paper addiction. I am proud to say I do not have a ribbon addiction so that’s good.

I haven’t gotten to the beads, fabric or yarn yet but that will come (Actually I do have a lot of yarn but I do try to control it. Its just you find a project, buy the yarn and never make it. Such is life)

This past week I made a burp cloth for a lady at work. It is really cute, but I for got to take a picture   Maybe next time.

This week I went to the beach. Had a lovely time. It was very hot though. Then the husband and I went camping over the weekend. First time in years. I think I remember why we quit. It RAINED and HAILED!  We had a good time though and are planningour nexswamp kayaked, swam and kind of hiked. (walked to the beach from the camp site and back)  Of course, there was fire.  My husband loves fire, but sometimes he has trouble starting them. This time he bought a product from a friend, Stump Chunks, it worked really well.

Hopefully I will have a craft to post this week or some books. I have a few new to try!

Talk to you soon.




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High Five Friday

Ah, it is Friday!!!!

1. Received my StampinUp order.

2. Got rid of the gray in my hair.

3. Read a book.

4. Suits is back on TV.

5. Made it through a busy week at work.

Have a great weekend.  Happy Father’s Day to all of your DADS!

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Emboss Resist

The other day I saw a video over at Ink It Up With Jessica on emboss resist.  She used watercolor paper and the aqua painter.  I tried it and did not really like the way it turned out (and I tried it twice).  I think the reason I had a problem with it was I didn’t think the embossing turned out all that great on the watercolor paper.

I searched emboss resist at SCS and they showed this technique.  It is embossed and you use the Distress Inks for the color.  I liked this because I am new to Distress Inks and thought it would be good to use it.  I like the way it turned out.  This stamp set has always been one of my favorites.

The funny part of the whole thing is – I put the card on the counter.  I was going to send it to someone.  There was a vase of flowers there and one of my cats got hungry over night.  When he gets hungry, he wants everyone to know it, so he knocked the flowers off and water went all over my card.  Actually, it did ruined it, but the inks kind of looked cool when they ran from the water.  Pretty funny, huh.  (Oh and this was not the cat I killed.  Just wanted to verify. )



New Craft

HELLO!!!!  It’s Wednesday.  Just wanted to let you see another craft I do.  Crochet.  That’s right ANOTHER CRAFT!!!!  I wasn’t lying when I said I have a craft problem.

There is a young girl at work who just got engaged.  At Niagara Falls, no less.  Very romantic.  Under the Bridal Veil Falls.  What a guy.  The whole trip was a surprise to her and, especially, the proposal.

I do not know anything about their apartment and I wanted to make a little engagement present, so I did potholders and a dishcloth.  Just really neutral colors, but still with a special thought.

The card is the Mojo Monday Sketch.  I think it turned out really cool.  It could have been an Use It Tuesday card as well because the heart stamp, ribbon, paper and punch are all things I have had in my stash for a looooong time.  The heart stamp had never seen ink, neither had the congratulations come to think of it.  Everything is Stampin Up except for the punch.  That is Martha’s  (Don’t ya just love Martha’s stuff)  The heart stamp is retired so don’t go looking for it.

Hope you enjoy the new craft and card.  Hang in there it is almost FRIDAY!!!

Talk to you soon.



So Sorry I have not posted in a while.  Been busy watching the French Open, Fairly Legal, Common Law, killing my cat, new Stampin Up catalog came out, had an anniversary.  Stuff like that.

However, a few weeks ago, my friend, Lisa, from over at Pink Ink Stat (Check out her blog. She is very good) posted a picture on Facebook of this planter she made.  It was really cool.

Now hers actually was more beautiful then mine.  I, however, recycled items. (Don’t you love that term, especially when what you did was just use stuff you had?) I did have to buy two new pots.

Unfortunately, since all it has done since I potted it is RAIN! It has not grown any at all.   I will post another picture once it has matured.  You should try it.  It was so easy to make and has such potential.